Millennium Falcon is in place at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland ©Disney

To keep them up to code and Disney standards, the company refurbishes attractions. Minor modifications are made here and there. And, of course, new adventures or interactive experiences are available. Look at Disney Springs! New businesses and restaurants are continually being added — it’s almost daily occurrence. We can’t keep up with all of it!

There’s literally always something new happening at Walt Disney World!

3. The Number of Options is Amazing

The variety of alternatives available to you at Disney World may be daunting at times. On one day, you may relax by the pool and on the next, try your hand at the golf courses. On another day, you might shop in Disney Springs instead of visiting all of the parks. Because there is something for everyone at Disney World, you don’t have to be in the parks every day riding rides and seeing shows.

The number of options for eating is staggering. You may eat anything from real African cuisine to strawberry-topped funnel cakes, among other things. A high-end restaurant or a sandwich at the food court are two options. Your alternatives are nearly infinite.