Shelby Christie

Cute Easy Quick Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

“The notion of wearing a protective style during summer gave me anxiety. I was afraid of being judged by the people I work with. For the first six months in my role, I wore my natural hair straight, in a very sleek and tidy bob. At the time, I was the only Black woman on my entire team, so I felt a responsibility to set the example for how ‘presentable’ Black women can look. Silly, I know. The summer months approached, and I knew New York’s humidity would be no match for my hair. So, I decided green ombré box braids would be a great summer style. Worry immediately started to creep into my mind. Would I have to explain the style to my co-workers? Would people want to touch my hair? Would people misunderstand the style and label me ‘ghetto?’ I remember on my first day, one of my co-workers came around to my desk to get a closer look at my hair. She walked around and examined my hair like I was some strange object. She hovered over me and said, ‘It’s so cool, can I touch it?’ I kept it cute and gave her a stern ‘no.’ Many weird comments and questions about my hair followed by my team. I left the office that day feeling like some kind of case study. It was really difficult to process the reactions. It was a bit disheartening, but I decided I wouldn’t let it stop me from expressing myself with my hair. I’ve changed my hair to two other braided styles since.” — Shelby Christie