Zuleika Spears

More Black Women Are Rocking Their Natural Hair. Get To Know The Movement  In Atlanta. - WABE

“My dreads were always viewed as different. We didn’t see a whole lot of other kids wearing them, and for so many of my elementary years, I remember kids making fun of me. They called my hair such nasty names. When my parents were going through a divorce in fifth grade, my dad cut my dreads, which became the start of my natural hair journey. I got a perm in the sixth grade and then decided that I didn’t like that my curls were dead when they were relaxed and straightened. So I grew it out by getting my hair pressed until all of my chemically relaxed roots were gone. By high school, I grew to love my hair. However, I don’t care what anyone has to say because my identity is not in my hair. I wear my crown of hair the way I do because it’s how He made me, and I won’t be ashamed of it. ” — Zuleika Spears