Beauty portrait of young beautiful african american woman with posing with banana leaf curly hair against green exotixc plants  background. Natural skin care concept

“Over the summer I worked an internship that would hopefully turn into a full-time offer following graduation. It was a very high-pressure environment where impressing superiors was imperative. One of my supervisors insisted on commenting on my hair every chance he got. If it was wet, he would ask how long it would take to dry. If it was dry, he would ask why it’s so much flatter when it’s wet. When I wore it in a bun, he once asked me if all my hair was ‘secure and intact?’ Waiting on a much-needed offer, I was in a situation where I was forced to bite my tongue. Finally, during my last week, he had the nerve to reach out his old man arm and touch my hair. I dodged his arm swiftly and gave him my most raw and immediate reaction, which was a severe side-eye. He instantly apologized, as my reaction showed him that his action was not OK.” —Raven