Brittany Antoinette

Glamorous african american woman in warm fur coat pose at street.

“I decided to pay a visit to my friend after volunteering my time as a host for a television pilot. Being that it was my first show, as well as my first time being on camera with my natural hair, I was a bit nervous because it would be the first time people would see the ‘real me.’ Luckily, I received nothing but compliments on my coily curls, instilling a newfound confidence and reassurance within myself. When I stopped by my friend’s place, she began to ask me if I went on air with my hair styled the way it was (its natural state) and proceeded to tell me that it looked dusty and unkempt. I hid my hurt beneath a smile and shook it off, only to deal with an insecurity that would plague me until I reinstilled confidence to be comfortable with who I am. I receive compliments from strangers daily, and she’s the only person who has made me feel insecure about being in my purest state.” — Brittany Antoinette