Diamond Jones

A close-up portrait of a cute young black woman with dreadlocks and huge earrings, piercing in her nose, she is leaning against a glass wall outdoors which fully reflects her and looking at the camera

I’m from Louisiana and have a strong Creole heritage. Hair texture has always been a major issue in my family. The finer the hair, the better. So when I decided to go natural, you can imagine how much they disapproved of me. It wasn’t until I applied for a position [in 2017] that I truly understood how much my natural hair would be despised by my relatives. Before I went in for the interview, I spoke with several members of my family so that I could obtain some interview guidance.

“I had a bad feeling about the people I was meeting with. My mother advised me not to wear my natural hair to an interview since it might be intimidating or cause me to stand out in the workforce. I was shocked that my family believed I needed to alter who I am in order to get a job. This informed me that, in 2017, our own staff did not believe we were good enough.”— Diamond Jones