Renee Bhagwandeen

Close up shot of happy teenage girl makes face palm smiles broadly has colorful manicure and dreadlocks expresses positive emotions poses against drawn graffiti wall dressed in fashionable clothes

I’ve heard a lot of strange things in my life, so it’s nothing new to me. The most common is, “Is it real?” They then go on to examine my scalp for scars without warning.

The bookers at my first modeling agency thought I was two separate models and only wanted to sign me because they believed Black women’s hair can only look one way. In my opinion, Black women’s hair is comparable to the petals of flowers, which vary in form, size, and color.

“My hair is a monument to my forefathers, and I’m really proud of its versatility,” says Dajana. “We are not packaged Barbies who only exist in one form. We are free women.” — Renee Bhagwandeen