Brea Finney

African woman

Before my undergraduate graduation, I went to see my college department advisors to finalize things and review my part in a video highlighting my communication program. My advisor, before showing me the film, remarked that she didn’t recognize me since I had short hair and no longer worn braids in the film.

The woman then paused the video to inquire about my hair, stating that this was my “end of the year” look and suggesting that my hair would appear like this because I’d only be finishing graduate school. What she didn’t realize is that I was working at a reputable news station in two weeks as part of an online program for one of the top programs in the nation.

As a result, I informed both advisors that I would not accept their comments since I had classmates and mentees in the same program. I requested my removal from the welcome videos, as well as a meeting with the head of department. The style of my hair does not take away from my accomplishments, nor does your opinion define my beauty.” — Brea Finney