My absolute favorite conditioner is L’Oreal’s EverPure. It helps with split ends and breakage, and it leaves my hair feeling strong and healthy. UncleFunkys daughter Super Curl and Extra butter are also two of my favorites for moisture and hair strength, as well as Defunk, which is wonderful for keeping my scalp refreshed.

How do you feel about the importance of representation when it comes to type 4 hair?

When it comes to putting an end to type 4 hair misconceptions, representation is critical. The more individuals get used to seeing type 4b/4c hair in its natural condition or styled well in a variety of styles, the more likely their attitude will be to change towards a more positive one.

I am so committed to representation when it comes to my hair, which is why I put in the effort to create all of the various styles I do on my platforms. You can’t come on my Youtube or Instagram page and still believe that 4c hair can’t grow, isn’t lovely, or can’t be styled; it’s hard.