Tips for moisture?

The first and most crucial advice is to determine your porosity level. You’ll be able to figure out what products and ingredients work best for your hair and how to layer them after you determine this out. I usually apply L(liquid-water & leave-in) O(Oil-light oil or serum) C(cream) using the L

I have low porosity hair and I’ve noticed that over the years, keeping an eye on my hair, especially how it reacts to different things. If you have low porosity hair, steaming your locks while conditioning them helps a lot because the steam closes up your cuticles somewhat.

Holy grail products

I’ve been searching far and wide for a combo conditioning treatment that can help me recover my regimen as quickly as possible, especially since I just tried some new QhemetBiologics goods recently. I adore all of the items I’ve used from them, and they’re great for moisturizing my 4c hair, particularly the Burdock root.