What are some growth tips you have for your hair type?

The inability to maintain moisture causes hair to become brittle and break; keep your hair moisturized and conditioned to avoid this. Low-manipulation hairstyles; the more we touch and handle our hair, the more damage we do.

When I do styles like roller sets or rod sets that need a lot of manipulation, I find that I have to trim my hair more frequently. Personally, I adore twisted styles in general and midi twists, loose twists (my favorite!). On YouTube and Instagram, I have a number of tutorials.

When my hair is well-moisturized and in a twisted style (I twist my own hair), it thrives because it’s totally protected. My ends are completely sealed and protected in the twists, and I don’t have to worry about restyling my hair every day since my hair is twisted up and I don’t have to worry about it.