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Tell us about your natural hair journey

I made the choice to go natural in my second year of college in 2012. I’ve always admired the look of afro hair and big kinky/curly hair. Because I had been relaxed (since childhood) before, I have always bought curl or afro-textured wigs. Then, after stumbling on to the natural hair community

There wasn’t much 4c representation on social media at the time, and the natural hair movement was still pretty strong. Joulezy is the only 4c YouTuber I followed religiously, and she really aided me on my journey. Another favorite of mine is Fusions of Cultures.

I found that, instead of purchasing strange curly wigs, I could just grow my own hair out. That’s exactly what I did. For me, it was a choice to go natural; I wanted to do it because I wanted my 4c natural hair. So many people tried to discourage me, telling me I didn’t have the hair for what I wanted to do.