Holy grail products

My holy grails are always changing because I dye my hair so often, and porosity varies. Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade is the one product that has worked well for me throughout the last ten years as a natural.

This is one of those lesser known brands that still produce everything in-house and only uses natural food-grade elements. You’d most certainly consume it, although it’s not advised. The formula or outcomes have never altered since the company’s inception. I purchase two to three jars of this stuff every year to make sure I don’t run out.

How do you feel about the importance of representation when it comes to type 4 hair?

Type 4 hair is not highlighted at all, in my opinion. Every time I see a person with 4c hair in the media, he or she always gets a quick Lupita cut. That’s lovely, but 4c hair has so many varied forms that aren’t seen. Going forward, I’d want to see a 4c movement because it is often left out of natural hair conversations and products.

People need to know that, and I believe it will shatter so many societal preconceptions about beauty and what we should or shouldn’t look like. People perceive 4c hair as unrefined, unpolished, and unacceptable, when in reality it is the way my hair grows. Why is there anything wrong with that?