What are some growth tips you have for your hair type?

Hair grows. We must take care of it, just like anything else. It varies from person to person depending on their climate, lifestyle, eating habits, water consumption, genetics, and so on. My greatest advice for anybody would be to discover a regimen that works for them and stick to it. You’ll see results if you keep it moisturized and sealed.

Tips for moisture?

Experiment with different techniques. My favorite approach is the LOC method, in which I use a leave-in oil and cream butter. Because my hair is thick, I like a detangling light leave-in that can be applied like a cream, a lightweight oil such as Melanin hair care, and heavy cream butter. It took me some time to find products that I felt actually penetrating my strands and giving me moisture without weighing down my hair.

The LCO method, for example, uses a leave-in, a cream, and then an oil to seal in the moisture. Whatever technique you use will be determined by your environment, hair texture, hair density, and hair type. Try out a few and see which one works best for you. This may take weeks to figure out; but once you do, it’ll be worth it.