Portrait of a beautiful young black woman curly hair smiling looking into camera .

They are never examined in conversations about natural hair and there is less knowledge of locs by individuals without locs giving it a colossal stigma. On the off chance that you don’t accept me, just gander at that time a 12-year-old student at Fulham Boys School was threatened with being put in isolation except if he cut his locs. If people with locs had more representation in the natural movement, there might be less of a stigma.

The natural hair movement can also seem to have a stigma surrounding relaxers. Some people within the movement view people who get relaxers (or wear weaves or any non-natural hairstyle) as self-hating or inferior. However, this is untrue and black pride doesn’t have to be tied to hair. People can wear their hair in any way and any style and still be proud of who they are and their culture. Our hair is beautiful and can be displayed in many different ways, there is no need to limit anybody.