The Natural Hair Movement: History, Stigma, and Successes

Afro and Flower beauty with big black hair smooth dark skin

Not many individuals outside of the Black community know about the natural hair movement. By all accounts, the natural hair movement supports people of African descent to embrace and celebrate our natural afro-textured hair. Notwithstanding, it also permits us to be true to ourselves, connect to our roots, and not permit ourselves to be disgraced for our natural beauty. The movement first originated during the 1960s – matching with the social equality movement-and has recently become famous again during the 2000s and 2010s.

Hair has always been an important part of Black history. Our hair is so versatile and unique that it is deeply embedded into our culture. However, because of ideas rooted in Eurocentrism and white supremacy, for example, natural kinky hair being seen as “unprofessional” and smooth, straight hair became desirable. Society has always been more accepting of Eurocentric traits—such as having straight hair—leading those who do not possess those traits to often attempt to conform to the conventional western beauty standards.