Random Garden Tip: 

Effectively Space Your Plants
To get the most out of your plants, you’ll need optimal development. To get this development, you need to offer your plants space to grow. It makes ideal sense, when you consider it. Each plant will need less fertility and water than it would in more detailed quarters if they aren’t competing with plants in the exact same area.


Margaret: Right. And that’s a minuscule … it’s not not chemicals, but compared to spraying a massive infestation in full in its full glory up above ground, I mean, that would use a lot less I would imagine chemical?

Christian: Well, it’s interesting. Once you dilute Rodeo or glyphosate to the proper levels, you’re using very limited actual concentrate.

Margaret: I see.

Christian: So when you’re injecting, if you’re injecting a small site, you will be using more chemical than you would if you were spot spraying, but it is a very targeted control. And it’s very unlikely you will get any herbicide in a place that it does not belong.

Margaret: I see.

Christian: Unfortunately though with knotweed, we have infestations across the United States that are enormous. If you look at the Connecticut River and the Deerfield River up in Massachusetts, or the Delaware River, or any of our interstates and state highways, our larger state highways like Route 8 in Waterbury and Route 2 in Glastonbury, it is a knotweed clone. And that’s going to require some intense maintenance.