Random Garden Tip: 

Begin Hybrid Seeds Inside
Hybrid seeds are costly, so to get your cash’s worth let the plant grow to its’ biggest capacity. To do that, it might be smart to begin the seeds inside in a flat.


Christian: Certainly. This type of hedgerow corruption exists as far west as Minnesota, into Canada, and definitely south into the Deep South of the United States. And a different form of it exists in Europe. There are North American plants that are invasive in Europe, and are causing very similar problems.

Margaret: Right. So speaking of Japanese knotweed, to me, visually, it’s been perhaps the most dramatic invasion I’ve seen in the last decade or two where we live—only because of its stature, and it actually has a showy appearance. You’re driving by and there’s this big stand of it and it catches your eye. It’s not indistinct by any means.

But this is a herbaceous plant, but it’s root system is, wow, formidable. So, how do you assess or figure out what to do with a beast like that? [Above, knotweed photo by W. Carter via Wikimedia.]