Random Garden Tip: 

Purchase Plant Covers
Light row covers are cheap and can save you lots of money and time by fending off caterpillars. Like slugs, these animals can mess up a garden in minutes. Most awful of all, they lay eggs incredibly fast, so when you see indications of caterpillars you need to act rapidly to eliminate them.


Christian: The stump will re-sprout into clumps of new growth. And that new growth in one season will be approximately 6 inches to a foot high. So we’re spraying little basketball-sized re-sprouting invasive plants, thus limiting the amount of herbicide we’re using.

Margaret: Right. O.K. And a lot of those plants that you just talked about, I mean, like multiflora rose … You’re talking about Connecticut and I live adjacent to where you’re talking about. But I mean, multiflora rose, if you look at the range maps, I love the… I forget the name of the website, the University of Georgia has a website that shows the range maps of invasive species around the country.

And I mean, if you look at the range map for multiflora rose, I mean, it’s in most of the United States. Japanese knotweed, maybe two-thirds or three-quarters of the country, except some of the arid-zone Western states, I think. And these are plants that have proven that they are not going to behave anywhere, really.