Random Garden Tip: 

Fence Deer Out
Deer– as fluffy and charming as they are!– can be a hazard to your garden. They enjoy to graze, so your tasty looking garden is generally supper time for them.


Spraying weeds in the garden

Margaret: So we’re cleansing the palette in winter [laughter]?

Christian: Exactly. Burning off the deadwood without fire. So, the hedgerow is now clear. And in that process, sometimes you’ll find red twig dogwood and gray dogwood and viburnum that are in those hedgerows that you could either avoid cutting down, or unfortunately are within the path that they must be cut down. Regardless of whether they’re cut down or … Well, if they are cut down, they will re-sprout. So all of our native and invasive plants in that hedgerow environment will re-sprout in spring. So what a contractor like myself can do is take a ride along the hedgerow and spot-spray treat each invasive plant and avoid each native plant.

Margaret: And when we spot-spray, we’re not talking about, again, broadcasting like huge spray of … we’re talking about really targeting onto the stump or whatever’s left or the beginning of new growth?