Random Garden Tip: 

Do Not Disregard Slugs
Slugs might appear safe, but they can mess up weeks of operate in a couple of days. So when you see them in your garden, you need to act rapidly to eliminate them.


Margaret: Correct.

Christian: And we can get it back to that scene, using the right strategy and with limited use of herbicide.

Margaret: And does that start with, at some particular time of year, when we’re talking about a woody—these are woody things—does that mean first cutting them down? What happens?

Christian: Yes. You have to remove what I call the biomass. It’s a really an invasive-plant biomass because it’s different species all tangled into one. So in that extreme invasive plant pressure environment, the best thing to do is to either brush hog or forestry mow the entire hedgerow. In that process, you will uncover the trees that were casualties of the invasive plants that should also either be removed or left as snag trees for-

Margaret: For wildlife. Sure.

Christian: Exactly. So that process should be executed in the winter, roughly beginning in November and ending in mud season, March or April.