Random Garden Tip: 

Motivate Beneficial Insects
Although it sounds unusual, some bugs you WANT in your garden. Spiders, bumble bees and mason bees, among others, keep plant-eating bugs off your plants.


A hand holding a clump of fresh grass above a rice paddy. Farmer hands pulling grass with root and soil up from ground. Plucking weeds.

Christian: Well, there’s our native hedgerows and then there’s our corrupted invasive hedgerows. So, I guess the two examples for our area in northwest Connecticut that you could use is, if you were to drive in route 41 in Sharon, or route 22 in New York State, and you would look off into the farm fields and you would see these swirling masses of plants, just chaos. That is multiflora rose, honeysuckle, bittersweet and other invasive plants, all tangling around our native cherry trees, our dogwoods, our ash trees, which are all in the process of dying right now, as I’m sure you know, and our listeners know.

But if you take a drive, even north into Franklin County, Massachusetts, into Monroe, into Florida [Mass.], you will see our native hedgerows, which have beautiful sugar maples and cherries and dogwoods that are uncorrupted, that are clean, well-formed. And that’s what our area looked like not even 50 years ago.