Random Garden Tip: 

Do Not Keep Veggies Past Their Prime
You’re hanging around and cash on a lovely garden and if you’re growing veggies, you most likely intend on consuming them! So do not squander all that effort and cash on veggies if you’re going to leave them in the garden past their prime.


So the key difference there is that glyphosate is the active ingredient, but the brand name, Roundup, or any herbicide brand name by law does not have to disclose to the consumer what surfactants or any other additive is in the herbicide that creates the result that it gives. So I only use Rodeo herbicide, which is a Dow Agrisciences, now Corteva Agriscience, product, which is wetlands-approved, and generally recommended by all of our extension services across the country for invasive management. [Photo of strangled tree, above, from Christian Allyn.]

Margaret: So, you really drill in to get to the right solution with the least impact—sort of the spirit of integrated pest management, even though these are plant pests rather than insect pests. I mean, to do the least harm while doing the greatest good.

Christian: Exactly.

Margaret: Each action.

Christian: It is truly a prescription for the land.

Margaret: So, you’ve mentioned hedgerows a few times, and so let’s just visualize, let’s paint a visual picture. So I’m driving along the road, even where I live, and it’s just changed in the last two decades especially. You mentioned multiflora rose and honeysuckles and bittersweet, and the privet, the miles of privet, barberry.

So a hedgerow is what it sounds like, it’s like a thicket so to speak of woody plants that have sort of tangled together, is that what you mean by hedgerow?