Random Garden Tip: 

Make Garden Compost Out of Tea
Garden compost is a homemade and extremely low-cost method to recycle and help your garden, simultaneously. Tea garden compost, in particular, products plants with nitrogen and micro-nutrients that will keep your garden healthy for months and months.


Christian: No. It is the tactic occasionally. So, the situation is, we’re at a point where our land is corrupted by these invasive plants to the point where there is next to no habitat for our native plants, and in turn our native animals.

So what we have to do is remove the invasives at the right season, time of the year—and winter is the prime time for it actually, for the actual removal of the hedgerows in particular. And then thereafter only use the herbicide when necessary.

So some invasive plants like purple loosestrife, there was a biological control insect that was released in 2012 to specifically target purple loosestrife. So generally when I’m looking at a property and there’s a purple loosestrife problem, I generally do not advise chemical treatment.

However, with the hedgerow type of environment—with bittersweet, multiflora rose, honeysuckle—there are two different herbicides that provide the best management and least environmental impact. And they are both glyphosate and triclopyr products. So glyphosate and triclopyr are the active ingredients. And glyphosate, as you may know, is the main concern in the herbicide world right now, because it’s the active ingredient in Roundup.