Random Garden Tip: 

Use Spices on Seedlings
To prevent illness in seedling, do not rely on a chemical items. They will just harm your plants and carry an increased danger to consume them. Rather, utilize spices you have right in your cabinet– like cinnamon, turmeric and clove– and make the most of their anti-fungal homes!


weeds - nettle, thistle, wormwood on a field close up

And there are others that are invasive plants that are much more extreme, like Japanese knotweed which we could get into.

Margaret: Yeah, we will. And so you just hinted at the elephant in the living room with any conversation about invasives, is whether or not they can realistically be subdued/eradicated without chemicals.

And I have to say, even though I’m a longtime organic gardener, when I see the destruction of habitat that’s happening or has happened along the roadsides everywhere, the literal changing landscape—changed landscape. The lack of a forest flora, of a herbaceous layer, I mean, so much destruction. I start to wonder if saying no to chemicals 100 percent of the time is always feasible.

And even conservation organizations trying to reclaim important habitat and preserve land use them in the least-toxic way possible for the greater good to bring that land back to life and diversity.

So maybe you could explain the approach. Because you’re not out there all day long spraying thousand-foot long hedgerows with gallons of herbicide. That’s not the tactic.