Random Garden Tip: 

Do Not Forget to Mulch
Mulch is a definitely vital action to a flourishing garden. Not just does it breakdown and nurture your plants, but it minimizes your need for fertilizing, weeding and watering, too. Mulch is a crucial (and frequently low-cost) method to keep you garden healthy all season long.


Christian: Yes. So since 1996 when that executive order was passed, there’s been studies executed by our land-grant universities, including UConn, our ag extension services, not just in Connecticut but all across the country, as to the best management practices for each invasive plant. And especially whether or not you need to use herbicides or not.

So what I did, beginning at my time at UConn, was analyze the studies and fact sheets constructed by those services and decide, O.K., this is what Pennsylvania ag extension says is the best management practice. This is what the University of Connecticut says is the best management practice. And more often than not, those best management practices align.

And that type of system, it becomes very easy to execute once you understand that mode of action. So some invasive plants like multiflora rose, bittersweet, honeysuckle—once they’re in that hedgerow type of environment, a very similar management strategy can be undertaken. But if they’re on their own, a different management strategy would be undertaken.