Random Garden Tip: 

Make Plant Markers from Sticks
Metal or clay plant markers can get pricey and just deteriorate in time, making them a less-than-wise financial investment.


dandelions and other weeds among the grass. an overgrown backyard needs clearing. springtime lawn care concept

In Connecticut, we have approximately 84 invasive plants. The list continues to grow as we discover additional species that fit that definition. There are aquatic invasive plants, there are terrestrial invasive plants. And my business particularly focuses on those terrestrial invasive plants.

Margaret: And so something can be a “weed” without being categorized officially as an invasive plant. So do invasives or do the plants that you tackle, do they have common characteristics that maybe inform you about managing them, is there something? Or do you look like, when you go to decide what the approach is, are there characteristics you’re … I mean, I’m a longtime gardener, so I’m weeding all the time, for decades, and I know the things that are rhizomatous are going to give me a harder time than certain other root systems and so on and so forth. So do you look for different characteristics?