Random Garden Tip:

Think About Growing Seasons
The longer it takes your plants to develop and grow prior to harvest suggests the more money and time you need to purchase maintenance.


So, that developed in 2011, working with our in your area famous Tom Zetterstrom and the Arboretum and Landscape Committee at the Housatonic Valley Regional High School here in Falls Town, preparation and performing the removal of invasives from the north campus of the high school, which has actually been a continuous process. But that served as the beginning of what could be built into a business.

Margaret: And so when you say, just for people who are elsewhere, you say East Canaan and Falls Village, we’re talking about Connecticut, the northwest part of Connecticut. But a lot of the plants we’re going to talk about today, sadly, are wide-ranging over large swaths of the country, not just here.

Christian: Certainly.

Margaret: So quickly, what’s an invasive? From your point of view, as someone who works to remediate, subdue, destroy [laughter], get rid of them, what’s an invasive? [Above, multiflora rose from Wikimedia.]