Random Gardening Tip:

Include Hydrogen Peroxide to Plant Water
Contrary to what you may believe, a little hydrogen peroxide is great for plant food, especially for inside plants.


Christian Allyn: Yeah, definitely. So, it was a long-lasting interest and it started on Easter Sunday, 1997, that was the firm start when I was all dolled up as a little Sunday school kid, looking off my moms and dads’ patio in East Canaan. They built a house in an abandoned horse pasture, and the hedgerows were just atrocious, filled with invasives.

And on my father’s side, I am an old Yankee, and my grandfather, Paul Allen, who was a former first selectman here in North Canaan [Connecticut], often described playing with his friends in the woods. And same with my father. And I never had that opportunity. And looking into the hedgerows and into the woods and seeing the tangle of multiflora rose and bittersweet, I said to myself, this isn’t right, I got to do something about this.