Tools you’ll need

You don’t have to spend a lot on garden equipment if you don’t want to. Wood says you’ll need at the very least a spade, metal rake, hoe, and hand trowel for less than $100.

This is chickweed , which Wood says can indicate a few things: soil that is high in nitrogen, alkaline and compact. (Heidi Wood)

You may save money by borrowing what you need from a neighbor or splitting the cost of tools with some neighbors.

You will pay for a plot by size if you join a community garden, but most memberships include access to all the tools you’ll need, as well as a water source.

You may also join the Charlottetown Tool Library for $50, which provides access to a wide selection of power tools. Tools can be retrieved by appointment at their storage locker on Thompson Drive. Rentals for most tools last around a week. They also have hammers, saws, and drills available for creating raised beds. The facility may be found via Facebook or by calling (902) 314-9732.

A rainwater collection system is also required for the garden. A rain barrel, for example, could be constructed or purchased to attach to a downspout on your house or shed. You may also simply set out buckets to collect rainfall. Rainwater is preferable to colder tap water in gardens, according To Wood.