Then a layer of compost will be applied to the soil. This can be done for about $5 per bag, and it will nourish your soil as well. There are several compost giveaways or sales in P.E Derived from organic material is an excellent fertilizer because it retains nitrogen in the ground and promotes plant growth!

Layer an inch or two of compost on top of your tilled soil and gently work it in with a metal rake ($20 or so), shovel, or hand.

“It looks like you’re baking,” Wood added. Stir it in “like you would while baking.” Avoid standing on your soil to avoid compaction, which will make it unfavorable for seeds to germinate. If you need to increase the amount of compost in late summer, you can do so at a later date.

Minimize disrupting the soil bed, she advises, as there are weed seeds lurking, and earthworms doing good work.