Kane established KIN while still discussing her natural hair life style on BlogHer. The jackets are designed to protect natural hair.

“Traditional hoodies are made of cotton, which absorbs the moisture in your hair and leaves it dry, frizzy,” she added. “So we use satin to line the hoods. That does not remove any of the moisture from your hair.”

The hoodies are embellished with traditional African patterns and motifs, in addition to the built-in hair care. The brand’s name “KIN,” as well as its acronym “Keeping It Natural,” pay homage to her West African roots.

“I was raised in Ghana by my grandmother for the first five years of my life,” Kane said about her childhood. “She taught me about my Ghanian culture, which I’ve grown to love so much.”

For a precious reason, Kane’s presence on Shark Tank turned out to be emotional for her—and for a valid one.