The 13 Best Orlando Restaurants

Hunger Street Tacos

Young woman holding two boxes of tacos and a glass of cold beer at Hunder Street Tacos.

Hungry Street Tacos is a small, family-owned restaurant that specializes in street food from Mexico. All tacos are served on single-origin, hand-made nixtamalized corn tortillas, and the best seller is the Al Pastor Taco with slowly roasted pork, Jalapeño Crema, onion, cilantro, lime, and Pineapple. Delicious vegetarian options include the popular Mushroom Quesadillas smothered with sauteed mushroom sauce, Chihuahua cheese, garlic, epazote leaves), and red salsa.

Location: Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park, FL, and Plant St. Market in downtown Winter Garden, 426 W Plant St, Winter Garden, FL