Then there’s his advice for something we all deal with: overdoing it. Consider your to-do list to be like a county fair’s line of rides, he said, and don’t spend the whole day on one ride: “Make a circuit from one ride to the next. Do one job for 30 minutes, then take a break. Do another task for the same length of time before stopping and doing something else whether you’re finished or not.”

Finally, you may repeat that first activity again, but rotate so as not to overwork anything. He explained, “you didn’t push anything to the point where it wears out because you rotated.” Ms. Hooper said she used to resist this advice, but now the county fair is her favorite method of entertainment.

“This one is a real mental habit,” Mr. Hughes said. “Once you’ve done it a few times, your brain will say, ‘Hey, I have a great idea — let’s county-fair it today.’”

It’s been months since the show ended, but Ms. Hooper is still getting follow-up calls from guests, with progress reports on how much better they’ve gotten as a result of incorporating their new habits. It doesn’t only apply to the garden, either.

“Now a lot of them are using their bodies that way when they clean the house or do anything else,” she said. “They really get it.”