Tasks like weeding, picking up tools or digging with a trowel can be done from what Mr. Hughes calls the armchair position without straining your lower back, as long as one elbow rests on one thigh.

The Home-Base Position: The Armchair

Several other foundational tips address the complaints that Mr. Hughes saw most frequently while they were filming “GardenFit,” and might help the rest of us, as well.

For future and present generations, he emphasized the hips’ key importance: “They’re where your power should come from,” he said. “They’re not your knees or your low back; they’re where your strength should come from.”

“Everyone wanted to know how to get down and up, as we do all day while gardening, without stressing their body or knees,” Ms. Hooper said of one common theme she heard at every garden.

The armchair comes to the rescue. Weeding, loading equipment into a van, or shoveling with a trowel can all be done from this posture without putting strain on lower back. And it’s where you should come to rest on your way to crouching or kneeling, as well as where you should return after coming down.