Riding multiple times per day

It’s possible to ride three times in one day, which is excellent news for hard-core fans since they can see up to six different songs on the ride. Each track offers a unique riding experience, so you might want to go multiple times.

In the morning, you may purchase both an Individual Lightning Lane option and join the virtual line. If you want to try for both, it’s better to split up and have one person in your party go for the virtual queue and one person go for the Individual Lightning Lane; or if only one person is making selections, get in line first for the virtual queue before attempting for the real thing.

Even if the Individual Lightning Lane appears to have sold out at 7 a.m., windows typically reopen at 7:10 and 7:20 as a result of purchases that timed out or weren’t confirmed during the initial window. In other words, if you don’t succeed initially, try again and you should be able to get Individual Lightning Lane access as long as you begin attempting at 7 a.m. or immediately after the virtual queue is full.

You can join the 6 p.m. virtual queue, in addition to the standard virtual queue choices and purchased Lightning Lane, if you have a Disney Deluxe resort with Extended Eventing Theme Park Hours access.