Motion sickness concerns

This attraction may be nausea-inducing for some guests who are sensitive to screens or prone to motion sickness.

I’ve ridden all of Walt Disney World and Disneyland’s rollercoasters without difficulty, but I found that if I concentrated too much on the screens on this ride, I’d have a hard time. After a few trips, I discovered that if I kept my attention focused ahead of the vehicle rather than on the displays, I could ride without issue.

Although the ride vehicles rotate — at one point during the trip, they make a complete 360-degree turn — it’s more of a controlled turn than a high-speed spin, similar to that of Haunted Mansion.

Is it scary?

With a low height restriction of just 42 inches, many younger youngsters will be tall enough to ride, but parents may be concerned about how frightening the journey is — especially given the PG-13 rating of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

The darkness and rapidity of the coaster, as well as the attraction’s villain, a Celestial named Eson, might irritate some youngsters. My youngest son rode it on his sixth birthday and claimed he didn’t find it frightening at all, but thought other children would be scared of “the big monster guy.”

For what it’s worth, he added that Cosmic Rewind is his new favorite attraction at any Disney park — and he’s tried them all.