Disney World Cinderella Castle

A menu shows the prices for portraits and caricatures at the Disney World. The profile of one person costs $18.95. | Fox News

The real cost 

FOX News Digital visited Orlando and spoke with other Disney World visitors about their visits.

With their many-day passes, Justin from Salt Lake City, Utah, and his family have been going to Disney for nearly 20 years, and the price increases have been “staggering.” He explained that with their six-person multi-day passes, the cost of tickets alone was around $3,500 for a family of six. They spent another $2,700 in the park itself.

The software vendor said that in 1987, when he was four years old, his parents took him to Disney World for the first time and that he always wanted to take his children but now wonders if they will be able to do the same for their own kids.

Tim and Justin both suggested that a Disney World vacation may have “become something that’s only for the rich, or the upper-middle class.”

“I believe there are a lot of families that just can’t afford it, even if they wanted to,” Justin added. “Because, in the beginning, Disney was intended to be accessible to everyone.”