The three current attractions with single rider lines are:

  • Test Track – Epcot
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Hollywood Studios
  • Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom (voted #1 on our Best Animal Kingdom Rides page)

11. Use the Rider Switch Line

For parents whose children are too young to sit on their own, the Rider Switch Service at Disney’s is an alternative.

The ride is different every year, so it’s not worth making a reservation. However, if you do have a certain attraction in mind, you can make arrangements to be sent an information packet and save time at the gate when you arrive. Here’s how it works: one adult receives a return ticket for the attraction and stays with the non-rider/riders while the other members of the group go on the ride. When the other adult/adults return, they may supervise the non-riding guest/guests as needed.

The return ticket allows up to three guests to ride at once. This means that other individuals in the party can effectively ride the attraction twice while only waiting in line once.

12. Shorter Lines during Popular Theme Park Events

how to find short lines at disney world