8. Avoid Lines at Disney World with Early Morning Magic

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it may provide you with a measure of pleasure. This isn’t always the case, however money might – in fact – make you happy at Disney World if your idea of enjoyment is shorter queues.

Early access to a select number of top-tier attractions is now available through Disney’s premium event Early Morning Magic. For $70 per person per day, you may enter the Magic Kingdom at 7:45 am and ride any one of the seven specified attractions without competing for a spot in line. As a result, if the park opens at 9 am

Is it worth the money? Perhaps not. There is, however, a hearty breakfast available for $70. So if a peaceful but productive one-hour and 15 minutes in Magic Kingdom is important to you, maybe it’s worth the money after all, especially when breakfast is included.

9. Go to Disney After Hours for Short Lines

lines at magic after hours