“I wouldn’t focus too much on porosity but more on how hair looks and feels…”


For kinky natural hair, is knowing your hair porosity more important than hair type?

My hair’s porosity was something I never really thought about until a few years ago, when my wife decided to cut her relaxed hair short. My curly kinky hair required a lot of moisture and care in order to survive, so I just accepted it. And, like many people with textured hair types, when it came to understanding my hair and how to treat it, I essentially lived and died by the natural hair scale.

It was with learning about which products, methods, and other suggestions are designed for your specific texture that you could determine if you have 1a (the straightest) or 4C (kinkiest) hair. However, as many people have discovered, the natural hair scale has its limitations, and not all hair types are created equal — two persons may have 4C hair but two very distinct porosities.

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