“A lot of people have this idea that their hair needs a special conditioner or treatment to be healthy.” “Your hair is actually quite healthy, but it isn’t being adequately moisturized, resulting in dry and tangled strands,” says Petty. The stylist suggests products containing glycerine and honey to assist with moisture retention in the hair.

Choosing the finest products for low porosity hair is also critical for Vicky. “If you have really porous hair, you don’t want to use anything too heavy.”

“There appears to be a trend with curly hair, where you feel compelled to use extremely thick moisturizing conditioners but you don’t have to. The goods just sit on your hair if you have low porosity and don’t require heavy conditioning.” Vicky also cautions that protein shampoos should not be used too frequently because low porosity curly hair is “protein sensitive,” and low porosity types should avoid using protein shampoos to prevent breakage.

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