So how exactly do you determine your hair porosity type?

There are many videos of natural hair enthusiasts attempting the porosity float tests, but it isn’t the only tried-and-true approach. When asked if she would utilize the difficulty as a stylist Vicky Bridge-Tonner, known on Instagram and across Manchester, UK as the ‘Queen Of Curls,’ answered that she wouldn’t.

“I talk to other hairdressers who feel the same way, and they believe it’s all about a person’s hair’s touch and feel,” she adds. For example, it would feel drier for someone with high porosity hair.

“So, about the water test… It’s just a very basic estimate. It might be influenced by the type of water used, which varies from country to country and even state. If there is still product residue on the strands being utilized, it can differ.” “Rhyme and Reason Certified Trichologist,” Angela Onuoha agrees:

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