“Porosity can tell you if your locks are damaged, need moisture, or are healthy and how well they can retain and absorb moisture.” says Nicole Petty, a professional Hair Care Expert at Milk + Blush. While your hair porosity is largely determined by genetics, there are a few external factors that influence it as well.

“Heat styling tools, harsh products, and over-exposing your hair to the sun can all cause it to lose its capacity to absorb and retain moisture.

Of all the TikTok hair and beauty challenges I’ve avoided over the years, I couldn’t resist trying one that’s sponsored (and is created by) some hair stylists, who all suggest knowing your hair porosity may be a good predictor of your general health, how you should care for your hair, and perhaps most importantly, what products you should use.

Close up portrait of African skincare models with perfect dark skin and curly hair. Beauty spa treatment concept.