The Hair Porosity Test Changed The Way I Treat My Natural Hair


I’m in the bathroom and it’s wash day. I’ve just completed a marathon event of washing and detangling my ‘fro before removing a stray clean strand of hair from my brush and putting it into a glass of water. In basic terms, this DIY bathroom experiment claims to be able to help you determine your hair porosity type, which

Whether you have high, medium, or low porous hair is determined by your hair’s internal structure (we’ll get into that later). If the strand sinks to the bottom of the glass, you’ve got high porosity hair (hair absorbs water quickly and dries fast), whereas if it floats at the top, you’ve got low porosity hair (hair repels water and takes a long time to dry). After four minutes with just one single hair strand in the glass… I’m a high-porosity person.

So what now?

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