Grant: So, as a mother, I, myself, everyday. I believe it’s really critical for kids to understand how wonderful and strong and powerful they are every day at home so that they may truly discover it and be open.

I believe my problem was a lack of education and discussions, as well as having a space where if I’m unhappy, my daughter can speak to me or I can talk to friends and family. I think it’s critical that we be more elegant, open, and courteous toward everyone along the path to success, whether they’re in their early twenties or late sixties. Whatever works for you is fantastic. Make sure you have plenty of self-love on hand.

Asare: Definitely. And how can others help you and the book? Perhaps those who don’t have young Black girls in their lives or see what you’ve accomplished may wish to support you in other ways, or perhaps the Forbes readers would want to assist?

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