“The moment that I found out it was a girl, I knew it was my responsibility to break that cycle and … [+] ANITA GRANT

Asare: So, the book will be released on National Crown Day, which is July 3rd. What made you want to release the book on that date?

Grant: Because that is extremely significant to me. I’m going crazy with excitement on National Crown Day since I believe I neglected my hair and it caused a lot of identity problems and challenges in self-esteem for myself. For us to have a day to celebrate our hair, as well as the CROWN Act, is very vital for me and the kids, the next generation, to be a part of. It’s only right to commemorate the CROWN Act, as well as celebrate the movement on National Crown Day.

Asare: That’s wonderful. So, what do you think are some of the greatest practices for pouring into young Black girls so that they are grateful and appreciative of their creation and appearance? What are some methods to pour into them?

Portrait of Beautiful Black Woman with Curly Hair