Asare: What do you hope this book will accomplish? What is the structure of the text, and what impact do you want it to have on young girls? Is it mostly pictures, or are there also drawings?

Grant: So, the short story begins as a coming-of-age tale about four young ladies who are certain that their hair is limited and that they must go to the salon for a day. We are now looking at the variety of hairstyles accessible to Black women after they read the book.

So, it’s a picture book. It is inspired by the publications with which I grew up, which was when I first recognized the range of possibilities for Black hair. We kept the same flow and incorporated both titles into one with only a few photographs on each page and connecting the two. So, drawing inspiration from the ’90s but updating it to today’s kids with illustrated images of girls to attract their attention.

Photo of Anita with her daughter sitting on a step outside. Anita is smiling.