Ross’ is not only a money-spinner, according to some celebrity product lines, but it is also well-grounded in credibility. “The brand truly was birthed from my own hair journey and understanding that the world did not reflect back to me my own authentic beauty,” she tells us.

While growing up, Ross couldn’t locate anything that suited her curls – even though she tried. She recalls her mother, Diana Ross, telling her at age 12: “Listen here, little girl. I don’t know what’s going on with these hair products, but you’re going to bankrupt yourself. You’ll have to figure out how to make use of everything you have in the shower or get a fantastic job or marry a wealthy guy since this isn’t working!”

For years, Ross’ relationship with her hair has been a “long road” for her. “Growing up in a society that told me there was a ‘correct’ way to wear my hair and a ‘correct’ style of what my hair should look like had an impact on my self-esteem,” she says. It was the era of “easy breezy beautiful bouncing locks,” according to her – think Jennifer Aniston’s iconic swishy locks, which have as much adoration as her acting over the years.

tracee ellis ross, harper's bazaar shoot