The wolf went north and crossed the D1 road between Velký Meziříčí and Velká Bíteš after a few days. He next traveled to Drahanská vrchovina, where he crossed the D35 motorway between Litovel and Olomouc, most likely at Loštice or Mladeč.

The GPS tracking data picked up his position once more at the northern end of the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Area, from where he moved to Úsov and Nizký Jesenik. He then traveled around Hrubý Jeseník, through Bruntál, into Slovakia before entering Poland.

A look straight into your soul of a severe wolf female. Menacing expression of the young, two year old, european wolf, very beautiful animal and extreamly dangerous beast.

The wolf traveled north of Poland. After traveling 250 kilometers in 19 days, the young male reached the middle of May in the large forest around Lubliniec, some 90 kilometers from the Czech border.